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The WebAtlantis project is hosted by Sourceforge.

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Atlantis is Play By Email fantasy game originally written by Russell Wallace in 1993. WebAtlantis is WWW-based front end to the original Atlantis written by Tommi Ronkainen in 2001. The game consists of the original game engine, separate report interpreter written in Perl and WWW-based remote interface written in PHP. Instead of the classical email based interaction, players will send orders using standard HTML-forms offered by the interface. The WWW-interface also represents the reports in graphical layout, including maps etc.

How to play?

You don't need anything beyond your webbrowser to play. Download section is only intented to people who would like to run own game. Just go to the Games section and join a game. If there aren't new games available, you may join the game which has been running for a while. The game is open ended and you get some compensation if you join later. After filling in your email address and the faction name you play, you will receive email which reveals your password on user name. There is nothing more to do until the next turn processing. Especially, you cannot login yet. Don't panic! See the processing times from the front page of the game. Then come back later when the game is one turn older.


WebAtlantis is fully playable, but not yet finished product. Especially, a lot of graphics is still missing. Feel free to contact Tommi Ronkainen if you suspect that you have found a bug or you have an idea to improve current game interface. You may also use bug reporting or feature request systems of Sourceforge (click Submit New).


  • Russell Wallace, et al., original authors.
  • Tommi Ronkainen, design & coding.
  • Napsu, graphics.
Special thanks to Johan Wahlström, Juho Järvelin and Ilja Savolainen.